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We have just updated our site to Drupal 8.  Let us know if you encounter any technical issues.  Thank you!

Curiouser llc is an organization dedicated to researching the structure and psychology of storytelling in all its forms through interdisciplinary inquiry and hands-on experimentation. We are discovering what stories mean to people, how they are constructed, how they change from one medium to another, and the psychological drives that lead us to engage with fiction both as participants and creators.

We work with a wide array of professionals in diverse fields and media. Professional game designers, authors, producers, psychologists, academics, fans, and many others are part of our team. By discovering the real-world psychological basis of stories in all forms we hope to be able to inform and instruct those participating in and creating new stories and story formats.


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You Are Invited


Curiouser llc wants to help you in your next creative project. We are freely offering our research and consulting to those who wish to get unique insights about their story-based projects and make them as amazing as they can be.  Contact us!

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Get Involved

We are a new company in a broad field and we need collaboration with a very broad group. We can't do that without a network of interested people who are passionate about fiction and media and want to share their work with others. We will post jobs separately, but if you are interested in our concept, and want to work with us, please contact us.

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