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Client Announcement - Playing With Reality

Playing With Reality


We would like to welcome a new client Playing With Reality.

Curiouser llc has only recently started taking on clients and our first clients are companies/individuals willing to be adventurous and take a chance on a new company with some new ideas. Playing With Reality is no exception.

Playing With Reality is an innovative theater troupe based in New York City that is working on impressive new theater experiences and techniques that extend way beyond the stage. They want nothing less than to put YOU into the story. They are turning theater inwards to create fluid, living, personal experiences for individuals as well as audiences.

Here are two of the innovative techniques that the troupe are currently working with.  


StoryBox is a place of imagination where participants are encouraged to play in alternate realities. In its full form, it is a 16‘x16’ box with cameras, microphones, and a specially developed implicative sound machine. The audience watches a live stream from a separate room while the participant plays in an undisturbed environment. With limited resources, the stories can be performed without technology and with a present audience.


Similar to David Fincher’s The Game and Peter Weir’s The Truman Show, SimuLife brings the story into the real world. However, our participants are aware when they’re in the story. When playing on the stage isn’t enough, let us bring you on a real adventure.


Journey On


Journey On

The troupe's next performance Journey On is based on Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey. This production will take members from the audience and place them in the center of their own Hero's Journey.

The choice to play is yours. Pick from four distinct worlds, and accept the call to action to see where the journey takes you.

Playing with Reality’s largest production yet places the performance in one room while the audience watches a live video stream in another, allowing the hero to focus their energies.

It will be both performed and broadcast online live. For show dates and ticketing information visit here : playingwithreality.org

To watch the show live online and support the cast click here : indiegogo.com/journey-on