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Site Update

We have just updated our site to Drupal 8.  Let us know if you encounter any technical issues.  Thank you!

Curiouser Update April 15 2012

Hello everyone.

A lot has been going on at Curiouser behind the scenes and we want to share some of that with you. Not just in this post but ongoing. To that end we will be setting up a "studies" section so that you can read our on-going processes as they happen. This way we have a place to open a dialog about our theories as we develop them. We are going to be sharing more thoughts and ideas in our blog as well as news, analysis, mistakes, and topical opinions.

As always we welcome everyone's feedback.

Here are a few new things we are working on and ways you can get involved!


As some of you know we've started our interviews of comedy professionals to help with our on-going humor study. You can learn more about them here. Please contact us if you would like to participate. Soon we will be creating a comedy section on the site to delve into this in more detail and share our ideas.


As we fine tune our analysis tools and try out new techniques we are always looking for people who would like to be interviewed on a particular movie or genre. It doesn't take long! We'll have more information on specifics soon so please keep an eye out. If you are interested in being contacted you can get in touch with using the contact information at the left or by using our contact form.  (If you don't hear back from us please resend.) 


Big changes are afoot here at Curiouser and we hope you'll be a part of it.


Reed Berkowitz - Director.