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We have just updated our site to Drupal 8.  Let us know if you encounter any technical issues.  Thank you!

Papers and Presentations


As we go deeper into our conversation and research about media we will be writing down our thoughts about media issues both great and small.  We hope that our talks and articles will be evolving documents and the starting point of many discussions.  Please chime in.  We'd love to hear your comments.

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Disney's Frozen - The Science of being cold and lonely

What is the science behind being cold and alone? Curiouser applies recent scientific studies to Disney's Frozen.

What Is Fiction For?

What is Fiction for and how does it really work?

Popular Experience Fiction - The Polar Express Train Ride

This popular experience fiction breaks all the current conventions of transmedia storytelling and is a complete success.

Living In A Story - What Is Experience Fiction?

Experience Fiction is a new and evolving class of stories that is finding a dedicated and growing audience as it begins to discover its true potential.

Loose Canon - A New Kind Of Fan Fiction

Is the legalization of fan fiction changing the nature of fan fiction itself?  It may be creating a new breed of licensed fan fiction that lies between the states of traditional fan fiction and true canon.

Solving the World - Serious Games Require Serious Gamers

Serious Games may allow us to save the world by playing games, but the motivation will still have to come from us.  Serious Games will be amazing tools to accomplish real world change but it will not convert a large fraction of cycles from those playing current games.

The Resolution Was So Good I Saw Through the Movie - The Hobbit in HFR

This article explores the purposes of the "cinematic look" and why creators have to work so hard to make reality unreal. 

I Can't Play Your Art

Modern art appreciation may require more than mere appreciation.  Ludic arts require hand-eye coordination, skill, and plenty of time. 

Video Game Stories (are not really stories) 

There has always been difficulty translating games into traditional story-telling media.  The problems grow even as more and more people tout the story-telling power of the medium.  The issue may be that video games are not stories, but experiences.  

Shallowness in Children's Fiction :  Pixar's Cars 2

What makes some children's fiction seem shallow?  By examining Pixar's Cars 2 in relation to Pixar's other movies we try to examine differences and come to some conclusions about creating emotional depth for children. 


We examine clichés and try to understand what they are, how they form, and their effects.  It turns out the humble cliché may play a crucial part in the media refresh cycle.  




Reality as a Storytelling Medium - presented at Indiana University Bloomington for ARGFest 2011

Our currently highlighted talk is "Reality as a Storytelling Medium".  This talk tries to understand how and why we tell fiction using reality itself as a storytelling medium. 

  • Can reality and fiction really be merged at all? 
  • How are fictional elements portrayed in reality. 
  • What is the relationship of fiction to reality?
  • And most importantly... why does ten year old Julia really want to be a private detective?

This talk tries to address the basic issues that may effect a whole range of what we call Experience Fiction.  ARGs, location based stories, interactive theatre, augmented reality stories, etc.